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About Us

Our brand started its existence in 1905 when one of the ancestors of our family started to produce his homemade vodka. By doing it carefully, with great knowledge and care, he achieved great results as his vodka was considered to be of a high quality and even was intended to be consumed by the elite. During those times, every landowner wanted to have his own brand of vodka. The great grandfather of my father was one of the first people who started producing vodka. It came in different variations - birch vodka, viburnum vodka, pear vodka, and cherry vodka.


Merchants from all over the place came to him to purchase his vodka for their shops and taverns. My father told me that his grandparents shared with him that this ancestor was so popular that his unique vodka production was considered to be ahead of its time. Certainly, it made him really famous and popular among his contemporaries.

Real Russian Vodka old certificate
Certificate 1905
Real Russian Vodka certificate

A wooden box with his vodka recipe was our family’s heirloom. The recipe was written with Old Cyrillic letters, which later were translated into the modern  language by a museum professional in order to translate this unique vodka into production.


In 1979 our family moved to the greatest country in the world - the United States of America, which gives us an opportunity to live, create and realize our dreams. We brought our cherished wooden box with us as a memory of our roots, our past and as a symbol of our future!


Gregory, is a main distiller of our products. He received his college degree and for a long time worked on the plants that produced alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. He always dreamed about his own production of Vodka based on the recipes that originate from 1905 and were created by his famous ancestor. Only such a great country as America was able to give him this opportunity!

Please, enjoy our products, which are proudly made in America!


As we researched together, we learned that we can indeed make his dreams a reality.   We combined our talents and efforts to create a modern distillery to produce the finest spirits

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