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Declaration Whiskey

Made in Chicago.

Authentic, Award-Winning Quality, that you can
taste in every sip. Enjoy!

Declaration Whiskey

In 19th century America, distillation technology was limited, and most whiskeys were sold right out of the barrel, filtering out only the char pieces. Over time, paper, chill, and charcoal filters were added to the bottling process to eliminate the particles. Inadvertently, these filters also eliminated oils from which part of the whiskey’s flavor is derived.

To achieve that authentic barrel taste, Declaration only uses silk filters which eliminate particles without sacrificing flavor. The bottle’s end flavor profile is as close as possible to that of the barrel’s.

Our hand crafted whiskey is naturally aged for 6 years in new charred American oak barrels custom made with hand selected staves.
Hand bottled in small batches and non-chilled filtered to ensure full flavor.

We produce more than 20 different brands liquors and spirits

Please enjoy our labor of love. 

Za zdorovje – to health!

Please enjoy our labor of love, Za Zdorovie!

You can enjoy Declaration Whiskey right here at our tasting room, or at locations throughout Illinois including Binny's, Whole Foods, Schnuck's, Hy-Vee, Mariano's, Royal Wren, etc. 

If you don't see us on the shelf, please ask for us by name!

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