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Where can I buy Real Russian?

Where can I buy Real Russian? Please look for the Where to Buy section on our site (insert link here). If you go to a place that does not carry Real Russian, please download a picture from our site, show it to the proprietor, and ask them to get it!

Are you really Russian?

Yes, our family arrived in America in 1979. The Master Distiller’s grandchildren are first generation Americans!

Why is your label so pretty when other craft spirits look “crafty”?

To us handcrafting our spirits is an art form. It’s a beautiful, but difficult process, that we love. We wanted our label to reflect that elegance and our family heritage. To us, craft doesn’t mean sloppy. To us, craft means art, beauty and sophistication, and we wanted our packaging to be a reflection of those qualities.

Why do you use wheat?

Our family recipe calls for wheat distillation. Traditionally, Russian vodkas are distilled from wheat or rye.

Is Real Russian Vodka gluten free?

Yes. By virtue of the distillation process, no traces of the original wheat are left once the alcohol is distilled. When creating spirits, the vapor is cooled down into its liquid state to create the alcohol. We’re working on getting an official certification so you don’t have to argue with your doctor. However, we have had a lot of fans with celiac disease tell us that they love Real Russian and it does not make them sick at all, in fact, we’ve changed their lives for the better. Until we get the certification, however, please check with your doctor.

Why do you filter your vodka?

Filtering removes the oils and impurities that can often lead to headaches, hangovers, etc. However, our recipe calls for just the right amount of filtration to create a “sippable” vodka that is full of body and can be enjoyed on its own, and yet is clean enough to be perfect in your favorite cocktail. We know that many of you tell us that Real Russian is so easy and enjoyable to drink, but please continue to drink responsibly.

Can you sponsor my event?

There are a number of legal elements that have to be considered prior to agreeing to sponsorship. Contact us via and we can chat about. Please note, we have gotten requests in the past to sponsor weddings and 21st Birthday Parties. We cannot sponsor those, but we’re so flattered to be asked.

Why do you take pictures of people who buy Real Russian at tastings?

Because we love our fans and we love to keep in touch!

Is Real Russian Vodka kosher?

Yes. However, to alleviate concerns, we are working on a certification. We do not use any dairy products or meat-related products in our distillery, and pure alcohol and water are also kosher. We’ll keep you updated about the certification. It’ll be in the News section of our website. If you e-mail us, we can notify you directly.

Will you make anything other than Real Russian?

Yes, we have plans to make gin and whiskey.

Will you make flavored Real Russian?

While flavored vodka is not traditionally Russian, our Master Distiller tells us that they did infuse vodka in the USSR when he was a young man. Mostly it was done because the vodka tasted so bad, they had to do something to rid the vodka of its “kerosene smell and quality”. Since our Master Distiller’s daughters grew up in the U.S. and also enjoys some flavored vodkas, we will put out a couple of flavors. These flavors will be natural, and they will not be “perversions of vodka,” as our Master Distiller likes to say.

These are some questions that we have gotten from our fans since our first batch went on the market in May 2012.

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