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Josie Lane

Ultra Smooth Real Russian Vodka! Finally, a vodka that stands alone. It may not have the well-known brand name, but it will. I tired it about a month ago and haven't had another vodka since!


Jone Broks

Had a blast!!! Great people, great distillery, and great Real Russian Vodka.. What else can your ask for? I highly recommend visiting Premiere Distillery. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable not only about the whiskey and the process of making alcohol, but he was able to give information about the history of the land and area surrounding! Go here and get you some!


Martin Reed

Must do tour and tasting.   Our guide was so knowledgeable, and we learned so much on the tour.   The tasting was a lot of fun, and gave a great overview of the products.   We bought a delicious bottle of bourbon that we are enjoying very much!





Maria L.

Distinctive and interesting. One of the few vodkas I can reliably pick out of a dozen in a blind taste test. An intruiguing hint of soy and herbs on the nose and the palate. Very smooth, but almost unpleasantly sweet. Not a workhorse vodka, but nice straight up when I want a change.


Oleg V.

The best vodka ever. Distilled from soy with zero carbs. The first vodka to recieve a flawless 100 points from the International Beverage Alcohol Testing


Marvel Kent

Like drinking cold mountain air! imaging drinking ice cold water after wandering lost though the desert for days....its that refreshing. wish it was a little more affordable but hey the manufacturer knows they have a product worth the price. Oh hey will the webmaster fix the star rating on George's review... if you read it it's obvious he meant to give it 5 stars. lets move this vodka up the list!


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